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Ian Peter

As someone who has been involved with the international growth of the Internet since the mid 1980's, and with Internet governance bodies in both professional and volunteer capacities, I have been concerned for some time that some of the organisations which are governing and managing the Internet have not evolved sufficiently to deal with the problems which have appeared as the Internet gets older and bigger.

I first heard the Internet protocols described as legacy systems in the 1990s, but, like most people, took no notice and got on with the business of growing it. However, by the turn of the century cracks were beginning to appear. These cracks became larger and larger during 2003, to the point where it became clear to me and others, that something is wrong.

At the same time as some of us were becoming concerned with the technical issues, the World Summit on the Information Society was beginning to debate Internet governance - certainly not an unrelated topic. However, here another concern was evident to me: much of the governance debate was proceeding without full knowledge of what Internet governance actually involves.

My company, Ian Peter and Associates Pty Ltd, works professionally with large governmental and private sector organisations that have problems with organisational structures and old IT systems and uses established project and change management methodologies to analyse associated issues. It seemed to us to be appropriate to use these methodologies to look at today's Internet systems, governance, and user issues.

Searching the literature, we were surprised to find that traditional business analysis appears not to have been applied to Internet matters. As a result, we commissioned the Internet Analysis Report - 2004, of which this is the Executive Summary.

The Internet Analysis Report - 2004 is a comprehensive study of the state of the Internet in 2004. It contains an in-depth analysis of issues facing Internet users, emerging issues with Internet protocols, governance bodies and governance issues, and conclusions and recommendations. Reviewed by a panel of international experts, the report has been highly praised. Full details on obtaining a copy of the report can be found here.



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