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Internet Analysis 2004

The Internet Analysis Report - 2004 was an objective, neutral, in-depth analysis of internet protocol and governance issues at that time, covering

The 116 page report helps clear through the clutter to provide a detailed overview of Internet issues and organisations.

Written by Internet expert Ian Peter, the report provides a plain-English evaluation of the Internet in order to help you understand the issues that need to be addressed.

What readers are saying...

"excellent work"

"a good and informative paper"

"very clear"


"lays out its case in simple, understandable terms"

"what I found valuable about it was the breadth of the approach, introducing readers to a wide range of barriers that the Internet faces in increasing the breadth and depth of its current coverage"

Inside the full report you will find...

The issues this study reveals should be of interest to the Internet industry, to government officials and analysts debating the future of the Internet, and to businesses and individual users who rely on Internet stability. 






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