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Note: this site has not been revised since 2005, and is left intact as an historical analysis of that time. For further information contact 


Internet Mark 2 rose out of concerns that Internet protocols and governance have not evolved sufficiently to deal with the range of problems which have appeared as the Internet gets older and bigger.  The first result was the Internet Analysis Report 2004 - Protocols and Governance a sponsored study of the then state of the Internet.

In 2005 an inaugural Advisory Council for Internet Mark 2 was announced, consisting of prominent members of the Internet community whose involvement will assist in shaping future initiatives. You can read their biographical details here. In 2005 we also joined the United Nations call for renewed attention to Internet governance issues and became broadly involved in the resulting Internet Governance Forum.

We are happy to liaise with and support any initiatives, be they academic, governmental, industry based or grassroots, which address the problems the Internet currently faces. You can follow our thoughts on these issues in Ian Peter's Internet futures weblog here.

Join us now as we help to create tomorrow's Internet!

Action is necessary. The problems are not going to just go away. We invite you to tell your friends about this site, give us feedback, and get involved as we look to further develop this work.

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