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Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Internet Analysis 2004 study was sponsored by Ian Peter and Associates Pty Ltd. Further sponsorship and partnerships are necessary for future phases. We invite you to register interest as a first step by contacting Ian Peter.

Your involvement may be in kind, or via financial contribution to cover a specific activity. Major sponsors will be invited to join the Steering Committee for the Project and will be acknowledged publicly for their contributions. We welcome your participation.

Sponsors and partners need to be aware that the "ownership" of the Internet is not up for grabs here. Although people involved with this project are likely to be able to profit considerably by the existence of a more stable and capable Internet, and from the knowledge gained by participation, any direct outputs of the project will relate solely to a more capable and robust Internet core. That core and its control must be freely available. Any technical developments from this project will be made freely available to anyone, with no licence fees payable to the project, its sponsors, or its partners. Retention of a core open Internet is a fundamental objective.

We invite you to work with us in the further development of a global asset which can be used to the benefit of all humankind.






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