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User requirements and future needs.

Our future Internet, rather than having 600 million users, may have close to 6 billion. So we may be only 10-20% of the way there, and there is a lot of growth to come. This will place new demands on the infrastructure and the way it is held together. Those experimenting with future networks with increased speed are already suggesting significant problems will exist coping with the increased size, scale and speed of the Internet.

The Internet Analysis Report - 2004 identifies both problems and future trends which need to be taken into consideration in looking at a future Internet.

Problems include:

Some of the future issues and trends that need to be considered and which are outlined include:

When these and other factors are considered, a statement begins to emerge about tomorrow's Internet.


The Internet is for everyone.

The Internet of the future must be

This statement is to be built on to provide a more comprehensive overview of where the Internet must go.




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