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Change management issues

Knowledgeable insiders in stakeholder Internet industry companies and research institutions are aware to varying degrees of the need for improvement in the base protocols. However, executive decision makers at this stage are probably not aware of the need for reform. The Internet Analysis Report - 2004 is designed to assist in raising awareness, and contains a detailed analysis of the change management issues involved in protocol reform.

Some large industry players may initially perceive benefit in blocking or delaying change in order to protect dominant market positions, or to gain opportunities from proprietary approaches. There will doubtless be robust debates within some industry players about the market affect of change in this area.

However, market leaders will face crucial losses of markets if change does not occur within a reasonable time frame. Involvement in the new generation Internet will eventually be seen as a market plus; but the issues must be understood and clearly communicated for this to happen.

Some defensive actions can be expected in current Internet bodies, and some feeling of loss of control and that they should be in charge of change. The more positive involvement of individuals who initially react this way is more likely in a middle adoption phase, when the project clearly has impetus.

Government officials from a wide variety of backgrounds will have interest in new governance structures and in public policy issues which may emanate from projected changes. However they will be less interested in the protocol issues and content to leave that to others to develop.

Information is the key to success here. Unless the problems are recognised and acknowledged, and compelling reasons to effect change are understood, action to rectify the problems will not occur.



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